DAHUA SoftVDP [Windows]

  • Compatible with Windows 7/10 and Windows Server
  • Multiple devices supported
  • Transforms any video-recording solution into a mixed/hybird solution, with Video Door Bell functionality
  • Accepts call input from any alarm-enabled device – DVR/NVR/XVR/IP Camera
  • Accepts output (door open/lights on) from any alarm-enabled device – DVR/NVR/XVR/IP Camera
  • Portable, can be used even with an USB Stick
  • Password-protected settings
  • Built-in debug
  • Does not require installation or special rights
  • Customizable, branding & translation options available
  • For price and availability, please contact us

Prices starting at $249/module

Please contact us if you require more details, want to order this software or want a customized (maybe enhanced) version of it. Demo and trials are available and we offer full support. All payments will be processed via PayPal.

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