Dahua Telnet Reset

Q: Hvordan tilbakestiller jeg enheten via telnet?
A: Når du logger inn via telnet, utstede disse kommandoene:
# rm -rf /mnt/mtd/Config/
# rm -rf /mnt/mtdbak/Config/
# reboot

2 thoughts on “Dahua Telnet Reset

  1. I am unable to get in through Telnet because the Ports that are only open as below:

    1024 rtsp
    3800 pwgpsi
    8081 http
    5000 upnp
    49152 Unknown

    I need to enable 23 port to get in … but I am unable to get it , I have used below link also:

    It also not worked , I have locked out my account . and I have to recover my admin password.
    I have also tried 888888/888888 and 666666 / 666666 but no luck
    Can you help me out .

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