EVOSEC, DAHUA and AI solutions

evosec providing customized services for AI developers and integrators

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the convergence of surveillance systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software development has opened up a realm of possibilities. One such avenue is the utilization of DAHUA’s own SDK (Software Development Kit) and devices, which serves as a gateway for AI providers to integrate their own cutting-edge AI algorithms into the solutions provided to their clients, in a B2B matter. This advancement not only enhances security measures but also paves the way for innovative applications across various industries.

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Intro into basic functions of DAHUA’s SDK (NETSDK)

Function NameDescriptionSupported Devices
CLIENT_Initinitialize SDKall
CLIENT_Cleanupclean up SDK – always use thisall
CLIENT_GetSDKVersionget SDK versionall
CLIENT_GetLastErrorget SDK last errorall
CLIENT_SetAutoReconnectset SDK reconnection function/callbackall
CLIENT_SetConnectTimeset SDK timeoutsall
CLIENT_SetSubconnCallBackset secondary connection/disconnection callbackall
CLIENT_SetDVRMessCallBackset callback for DVR eventsall
CLIENT_StartListenExsubscribe to DVR eventsall
CLIENT_StopListenunsubscribe from DVR eventsall
CLIENT_Loginlogin to a deviceall
CLIENT_LoginExextended login functionall
CLIENT_Logoutlog off from a deviceall
CLIENT_SetNetworkParamset network environmentall
CLIENT_SearchDevicessearch devices in LANall
CLIENT_ModifyDeviceedit device IPall
CLIENT_QuerySystemInforeceive device supported infoall