DAHUA devices displaying «HACKED [x]» as Channel Name

DAHUA Recording Devices have been Hacked globally

It seems that many recording devices manufactured by DAHUA have been accessed and reconfigured, one way or another, by automated software developed by hackers. Usually, these are devices that are directly connected to the Internet and are accessed directly, not via a VPN or, maybe, a SSH tunnel (please contact us if you want to know how to secure your devices).
Devices affected include DVRs, HCVRs, NVRs, XVRs etc.
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Пароли по умолчанию Дахуа

Q: Каковы пароли по умолчанию на Дахуа устройствах?
A: Пароли по умолчанию так же, как имя пользователя, как в:
admin -> admin
888888 -> 888888
666666 -> 666666 (только локальный доступ DVR/NVR/HCVR)