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質問: When i login from internet the My NVR report A topic “”the login return time is up “”. Why Must i do?” 答え: ルーター/ファイアウォールの設定を確認してください.

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  1. Hi,
    i got Acti cam ACM4201, ACM4001 and TCM on a dahua NVR 3204v-p (firmware V2-616) and it’s always give me the error “The login return time is up” …I’ve been testing hours for working … Any help should be very appreciated !

    I’ve also taking info from China headquarters but won’t help !!!


  2. I have this issue on vip vision nvr.
    CameraS plugged directly into nvr with correct settings
    Laptop also plugged into nvr
    Works on laptop but not nvr…
    Doesn’t make sense

    1. Hello Chris!

      Vip Vision NVR comes from DAHUA? We can’t recall that model or name…

      Anyway, it makes sense if the NVR can’t decode the cameras, but your laptop can (even when streaming via the NVR).

      [email protected] Team

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