Как завод сбросить Дахуа DVR?

Единственный способ сбросить осуществляется через меню «Параметры по умолчанию» — как в заводских настроек.

16 thoughts on “Как завод сбросить Дахуа DVR?

  1. Hi!

    I have a dvr5104h. Last night I conected it to the internet and also changed the password.It worked fine.
    In the morning the led voltage was still on,but I have no output on vga or hdmi ,no way to acces it via the internet — it is not visible not even from router settings.

    Any ideea what went wrong and how I might be able to fix it ?
    It went from fully functional and internet capable to a…brick in the first night and I don’t understat where is my fault.

    1. Hello Cristi!

      Was this an amateur/DIY installation or an installation done by a professional company?

      Maybe the device has been attacked by a malware… what firewall do you use and what rules did you setup to prevent a potential attack?
      Or maybe some power outage affected it’s functionality… did you protect the device with a good, on-line UPS?
      Or maybe it’s just a DOA — dead-on-arrival. Have you thoroughly tested it before using it in a critical security-wise system?

      Please do respond to our questions so we can guide you further. Also, please do understand that we are a 3rd party company that tries to deliver better quality services and support. And, for this service, we require payments.

      Thank you!

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