Comment à L’usine Réinitialiser DAHUA DVR ?

La seule façon de réinitialiser est via le menu « Paramètres par défaut » – comme les réglages d’usine.

16 thoughts on “Comment à L’usine Réinitialiser DAHUA DVR ?

  1. hello, have a dvr Dahua 5116H model we reset the clock by removing the battery, I did this because I do not remember your password, you think that I am able to reset the whole system and the password to be the factory?

  2. I have a dahua hcvr 7816s and it is does not respond to any mouse. live view plays shows fine but no indication that it is recording. is there any way to fix this problem

  3. Hi!

    I have a dvr5104h. Last night I conected it to the internet and also changed the password.It worked fine.
    In the morning the led voltage was still on,but I have no output on vga or hdmi ,no way to acces it via the internet – it is not visible not even from router settings.

    Any ideea what went wrong and how I might be able to fix it ?
    It went from fully functional and internet capable to a…brick in the first night and I don’t understat where is my fault.

    1. Hello Cristi!

      Was this an amateur/DIY installation or an installation done by a professional company?

      Maybe the device has been attacked by a malware… what firewall do you use and what rules did you setup to prevent a potential attack?
      Or maybe some power outage affected it’s functionality… did you protect the device with a good, on-line UPS?
      Or maybe it’s just a DOA – dead-on-arrival. Have you thoroughly tested it before using it in a critical security-wise system?

      Please do respond to our questions so we can guide you further. Also, please do understand that we are a 3rd party company that tries to deliver better quality services and support. And, for this service, we require payments.

      Thank you!

    1. Hello!

      It might be a hardware issue (disconnect all cameras and HDDs and retry) or a software issue (device infected with some sort of malware) – needs a firmware reflash.

  4. I was upgrading a NVR and lost power during the update, now the system just reboots over and over again is there any way to do factory reset to original factory firmware?

    1. There is an advanced method that can be used to recover the device.
      You can contact your seller or us for further assistance at a cost.

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