Интегрировать DAHUA устройства с Youtube Live

We have tested and developed a solution that permits an user to integrate DAHUA devices into YouTube Live streaming services. This way, the camera can be shared across different clients or can be embedded into webpages. Or even used for webinars & other casts. Please feel free to contact us for additional details or for a demo.

Operating system: Linux, but a Windows version is in work.
Resolution: max FullHD
FPS: up to 30, depending on bandwidth

4 thoughts on “Интегрировать DAHUA устройства с Youtube Live

  1. Hi! for one of our project we are using IPC-PFW8601-A180 and live view needs to be embed to website. I found Dahua article which says it cant be done on chrome. Can we do it using Youtube or any other players?

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