SoftVDP: IP DoorBell / IP VideoDoorBell compatible with DAHUA

Our in-house software development team have released a multi-device solution (DAHUA Compatible) that?makes full use of Alarm INPUT-OUTPUTS of IPCameras, DVRs, HCVRs, NVRs etc.

Some of the features are:

  • simple, clean interface (touch-screen compatible)
  • compatible with Windows versions
  • completely remote, over IP
  • multi-device (preview, input, output)
  • notifications triggered by Motion Detection or Alarm Inputs (multiple inputs per event)
  • sound/popup notifications
  • full customization
  • support for multiple outputs
  • engineer-mode for simple, on-site debugging
  • password protection
  • simultaneous multiple configurations (INPUT-PREVIEW-OUTPUT)
  • multilanguage

Here are a few screenshots for reference:


SoftVDP Options

SoftVDP events config

Want to learn more about our solution? Drop us a line!

2 thoughts on “SoftVDP: IP DoorBell / IP VideoDoorBell compatible with DAHUA

  1. hi ! i’m user of VTO2000A dahua, how can i use you softVDP ?
    it is possible to install on few PC ?

    where is available ?

    have good day

    1. Hello

      For now, our software is compatible only with video stream(s) from VTO devices – no unlock or notifications made by Video Door Phones. We’ll integrate them in the near future.
      But yes, it can be installed and operated on multiple PCs at once – even over Internet, with the right port forwarding settings.

      Pricing and availability can be obtained directly by contacting us at [email protected].

      Thank you and have a great day too!

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