DAHUA Devices and Home Automation

Domoticz, Home Assistant, Smartthings, Homeseer are just a few of the solutions used to automate a home. We’re working on fully integrating the DAHUA devices with these solutions.

So, what do you use? What would you like?

Don’t forget to check out our DAHUA<->MQTT broker/translator!


Are you looking for a iDMSS or gDMSS-like software for Windows? Our friends at https://www.preferredsolutions.us?offer a good alternative for it – named IPRVM, since no DMSS software has been written for Microsoft Windows. Continue reading DAHUA gDMSS O iDMSS Per Windows

Dahua timelapse istantanee e gif animate

Our brilliant Software Engineers have developed some applications that can be used to create timelapse snapshots for DAHUA devices:

  • Windows: a Windows-based application, that resides in the System Tray and captures snapshots at your defined rate
  • Linux: a Linux-server based application, without a GUI, that captures snapshots and, also, can make animated gifs (with the option to upload / synchronize them with a website); of course, if needed, we can also provide longer videos created from the snapshots
  • ARM/Embedded: an embedded device version that can be used with ARM-based embedded devices


Give us a shout at [email protected] for more details!

Multi-user, multi-level Kindergarten video/sorveglianza CCTV

Based on popular demand, we are working on a server solution that provides some of these functionalities:

  • single link to a DAHUA device (multi-device supported) – might/can be extended to other device manufacturers
  • low bandwidth required to connect to the device, since only one access is required
  • the server can be self-hosted or provided by us, as a service; we also offer remote installation services
  • access to streams based on user / password / schedule etc
  • desktop, mobile and web access
  • user administration, password enforcement, integration with ERPs or other management systems
  • customizable layout
  • reminder e-mails for billings, password, forgot accounts etc
  • branding and customization available

Interested? Leave us a comment or drop us an e-mail at[email protected] – {{TEXT12}.

DAHUA Mobile Config Tool

Lo strumento consentirà agli installatori di individuare dispositivi DAHUA utilizzando il proprio smartphone (iOS o Android), mentre si è connessi via WiFi alla rete del client. La parte migliore di esso è che non richiede al dispositivo di essere già configurato in rete, in modo da può funzionare anche con telecamere IP, per esempio, che non dispongono di un’uscita monitor
Dovuto al fatto che sappiamo quanto sia difficile è quello di impostare un sistema multi-canale, stiamo anche lavorando sull’implementazione di modelli di configurazione che sarebbero accelerare e agevolare la distribuzione di sistemi di sorveglianza.
Il nostro lavoro è in corso, ma possiamo offrire una demo per ogni potenziale cliente. Inoltre, offriamo servizi di branding, personalizzazione, funzionalità aggiuntive ecc.
Non esitate a contattaci e vi risponderemo prontamente!!