DAHUA Timelapse Snapshots and Animated GIFS

Our brilliant Software Engineers have developed some applications that can be used to create timelapse snapshots for DAHUA devices:

  • Windows: a Windows-based application, that resides in the System Tray and captures snapshots at your defined rate
  • Linux: a Linux-server based application, without a GUI, that captures snapshots and, also, can make animated gifs (with the option to upload / synchronize them with a website); of course, if needed, we can also provide longer videos created from the snapshots
  • ARM/Embedded: an embedded device version that can be used with ARM-based embedded devices


Give us a shout at [email protected] for more details!

Multi-user, multi-level Kindergarten video/CCTV surveillance

Based on popular demand, we are working on a server solution that provides some of these functionalities:

  • single link to a DAHUA device (multi-device supported) – might/can be extended to other device manufacturers
  • low bandwidth required to connect to the device, since only one access is required
  • the server can be self-hosted or provided by us, as a service; we also offer remote installation services
  • access to streams based on user / password / schedule etc
  • desktop, mobile and web access
  • user administration, password enforcement, integration with ERPs or other management systems
  • customizable layout
  • reminder e-mails for billings, password, forgot accounts etc
  • branding and customization available

Interested? Leave us a comment or drop us an e-mail at[email protected] – {{TEXT12}.

DAHUA Mobile Config Tool

The tool will allow installers to discover DAHUA devices using their smartphones (iOS or Android), while connected via WiFi to the client’s network. The best part of it is that it doesn’t require the device to be already network-configured, so it can work even with IP Cameras, for example, that do not have a monitor output
Due to the fact that we know how hard is to setup a multi-channel system, we’re also working on implementing config templates that would speed up and help deploy surveillance systems.
Our work is in progress, but we can offer a demo to any potential client. Also, we will offer services for branding, customization, additional features etc.
Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer promptly!!

SoftVDP: IP DoorBell / IP VideoDoorBell compatible with DAHUA

Our in-house software development team have released a multi-device solution (DAHUA Compatible) that makes full use of Alarm INPUT-OUTPUTS of IPCameras, DVRs, HCVRs, NVRs etc.

Some of the features are:

  • simple, clean interface (touch-screen compatible)
  • compatible with Windows versions
  • completely remote, over IP
  • multi-device (preview, input, output)
  • notifications triggered by Motion Detection or Alarm Inputs (multiple inputs per event)
  • sound/popup notifications
  • full customization
  • support for multiple outputs
  • engineer-mode for simple, on-site debugging
  • password protection
  • simultaneous multiple configurations (INPUT-PREVIEW-OUTPUT)
  • multilanguage

Here are a few screenshots for reference:


SoftVDP Options

SoftVDP events config

Want to learn more about our solution? Drop us a line!

DAHUA stream live video on a Webpage

Have you ever wondered how to embed in a reliable way the DAHUA stream into a webpage?

Well, we have. And we came up with a solution that integrates DAHUA devices with Youtube Live! [the almost “perfect” video streaming solution] – thus permitting a cross-device integration. Of course, we can integrate with other solutions too, if needed.

Couple that with our solution to custom/predefined/dynamic* overlay text on DAHUA’s video stream and you have yourself a complete suite.

*By the way, our engineers can provide further integration by reading data streams from other devices, IP-Enabled or not.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? We’re open to them!

DAHUA AlarmCenter / AlarmServer

We have developed a Windows-based application to be used with DAHUA-based devices, for monitoring&device health purposes – status, alarms, logs etc.

The application will be setup on a PC runing Windows and all other IP-enabled devices (DVRs, IP Cameras, NVRs, HCVRs etc) will be able to connect to it and report. Based on reports received, the application can further generate alarms, e-mails, status reports etc.

If you’re interested, please do contact us.