DAHUA to MQTT Broker-Translator [Windows]

This broker is ideal for those that require DAHUA products in their home automation or smart-home solutions. The software runs on Windows, but a simpler version will be available for Linux.

  • Sample MQTT Events triggered by the DVR/NVR/IPC etc:
  • motion detection
  • alarm input detection
  • HDD failure

  • Sample MQTT commands accepted by the DVR/NVR/IPC etc:
  • reboot
  • start/stop/auto record
  • trigger alarm output

  • Sample MQTT commands accepted by the application/broker:
  • popup video channel / close popup video
  • popup video channel and auto-close after a time

Please contact us if you require more details, want to order this software or want a customized (maybe enhanced) version of it. Demo and trials are available and we offer full support. All payments will be processed via PayPal.

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