DAHUA SDK – Bespoke Software Solutions

What is a SDK?
SDK is an acronym for Software Development Kit and is, usually, a client side library that facilitates usage of an API. In our case, it facilitates the use of the API presented by DAHUA products.

What can it be used for?
It can be used to develop bespoke clients, integrations, extend existing applications and solutions etc.

What does it require?
Depending on your application, it requires a Windows or a Linux based platfrom.

Can you give me some examples of solutions developed using a SDK?
For example: a simple video client (a simplified version of SmartPSS), a tool to help configure the cameras for installers, a tool to export data from recordings – including motion details – to other software etc.

What devices does it support?
It supports all kind of devices manufactured by DAHUA, including – but not limited to – DVRs, HCVRs, NVRs, Video Door Phones, Access Control Systems etc.

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