Intro into basic functions of DAHUA’s SDK (NETSDK)

Function NameDescriptionSupported Devices
CLIENT_Initinitialize SDKall
CLIENT_Cleanupclean up SDK – always use thisall
CLIENT_GetSDKVersionget SDK versionall
CLIENT_GetLastErrorget SDK last errorall
CLIENT_SetAutoReconnectset SDK reconnection function/callbackall
CLIENT_SetConnectTimeset SDK timeoutsall
CLIENT_SetSubconnCallBackset secondary connection/disconnection callbackall
CLIENT_SetDVRMessCallBackset callback for DVR eventsall
CLIENT_StartListenExsubscribe to DVR eventsall
CLIENT_StopListenunsubscribe from DVR eventsall
CLIENT_Loginlogin to a deviceall
CLIENT_LoginExextended login functionall
CLIENT_Logoutlog off from a deviceall
CLIENT_SetNetworkParamset network environmentall
CLIENT_SearchDevicessearch devices in LANall
CLIENT_ModifyDeviceedit device IPall
CLIENT_QuerySystemInforeceive device supported infoall

DAHUA gDMSS O iDMSS Para Windows

Are you looking for a iDMSS or gDMSS-like software for Windows? Our friends at a good alternative for it – named IPRVM, since no DMSS software has been written for Microsoft Windows. Continue reading DAHUA gDMSS O iDMSS Para Windows

Habilitar Telnet – DAHUA

Pregunta: How can I enable telnet access?
Respuesta: On some devices you can use this URL: http://DEVICE IP:HTTP port/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&Telnet.Enable=true . You will need a valid username and password for this operation to succeed.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use our DVR / NVR password recovery service.

We do not recommend to keep your telnet service enabled, as your device and your private video surveillance system will become a target for hackers.

gDMSS user is locked

There are two reasons that will make gDMSS (DMSS Android version) show you this error message:
-you have entered a bad password: please check it / retype it
-someone has tried to access your account and it got locked

In both cases after you check that the username and the password are the right ones you should reboot your device!

If you have forgotten your password, you can use our DVR / NVR password recovery service.