Q: Hello, I’ve bought a VTKB-VTO5000C-VTH1500AH. I can’t access some settings menu because of password protection. Is it possible to have these passwords? Thanks. A: Yes, we can assist you with the settings, providing the password too.

3 thoughts on “VTO-VTH Help

  1. I have installed the VTH1500B and does not communicate with the VTO 5110B only 3 sound that can be heard are the new team that I dijieron
    with firmware update. if I can help
    Thank you.

  2. problem is not the VTH1500B cable connects it to the VTO5000C and if communicated well, which apply the firmware for VTO5110B. I interface card, serial port for upgrading blew as, with PN

    which I request your valuable assistance.

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