DAHUA Portable Client [Windows]

The software can be freely downloaded from www.preferredsolutions.us
IPRVM is a lightweight, portable, Windows Application providing hassle-free access to your Dahua and Dahua-OEM IP Cameras, NVRs, HCVRs, XVRs and even Video Door Phones. Support for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom, multiple windows, PTZ presets, dual video streams (High Bandwidth / Low Bandwidth) and in-app snapshots. Easy installation, standalone application, no web browser or plugins required. Can also be used as a portable app, from an USB stick or a Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Please contact us if you require more details, want to order this software or want a customized (maybe enhanced) version of it. Demo and trials are available and we offer full support. All payments will be processed via PayPal.

2 thoughts on “DAHUA Portable Client [Windows]

  1. Hey,

    Will I be able to make an API call to fetch the live data stream of the camera?

    Also, what will the format be if I use this?


    1. Hello Shaheer

      Making an API call to a camera will not help you or give you the possibility to stream it. Streaming is different, requiring a different approach from API calls.
      Our Windows software does not require APIs or such, you can just start it on a Windows client and access the desired cameras.


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