DAHUA SDK Examples – Part 1

DAHUA’s native SDK uses C++ and is available both for Windows and *nix users. The typical application goes like this:
  • Innitialize SDK(CLIENT_Init)
    Initialize all net SDK system,pre-allocate memory and etc..
  • Set login network environment(CLIENT_SetNetworkParam)
    This part is optional, used in setting login network environment,and if do not call this interface setup, will adopt SDK default value.
  • Set connection overtime/timeout length(CLIENT_SetConnectTime)
    This part is optional, used in setting network connection overtime length environment,and if do not call this interface setup, will adopt SDK default value.
  • Set info for callback function(CLIENT_SetDVRMessCallBack)
    used in receiving device current alarm and event info. User may set this recall function after initializing SDK.
  • User register device(CLIENT_LoginEx)
    to achieve user’s registration function, and after register successfully, returned login ID as the sole label of other operations. For device, general DVR device allows up to 10 users registering at the same time. NVR device allows 20 user registering at the same time. SVR device has no limit for this.
  • Monitor preview module
    receive real time stream decode display and play control and etc. from front end device.
  • Playback and download module
    may remotely playback or download front end server’s record file by time and file name,to decode and save. Devices with version NO. higher than 6 also support continuous downloading after disconnection.
  • Parameter config module
    set and receive front end server’s parameter,mainly include device parameter, network parameter, network parameter,image encode config,serial parameter,alarm parameter and other parameter info.
  • Remotely control device module
    to achieve turning off device,rebooting device,resuming default value,remote hard disk formatting,remote update,record status control record status control and IO control and other operations.
  • Bidirectional talk module
    to achieve and front end server’s bidirectional data talk and audio data receive, audio encode format may be configured.
  • Alarm module
    handle front end server uploaded various alarm info. alarm consist of “arm” and” alarm upload center”. When using Alarm Upload to Alarm Center method, alarm module may not perform “user registration” procedure.
  • Serial data transport module
    Serial data transport over IP is a technology for sending analyzed IP data directly to serial port. SDK provides 485 and 232 serial as transparent channel function.
  • PTZ control module
    Use for: basic operation, preset point, tour, tracking, and 3D positioning of PTZ. You may enter PTZ control via login ID.
  • Intelligent behavior analysis / IVS function module
    Use for: intelligent product’s parameter config , alarm upload and capacity set receive and other functions.

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